CVS history inspection utilities   

This software is a collection of Python components that enable inspection of CVS history, integration with testing database and presentation of results in compact and readable visual form.

This project does not aim to create one generic solution, but rather a set of components that user can easily combine. For example if your project runs regression tests, it may store tests results in a database. There is no unified interface to access such databases, so there cannot be a generic solution that integrates CVS (or any other repository) with your test database. However it is possible to write reusable components for visualization of commits and tests results, so that you only need to write interface to your test database. The examples provided with TreeTrack show how it works.

Purpose of this software is similar to Mozilla's Bonsai. However, we try to make it more modular and more scalable. In particular, TreeTrack does not require persistient database at backend.

TreeTrack is a work in progress and is certainly missing many features. If you like it, consider contributing.

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